Travels with the Blonde Coyote

After a splendid trip East, I’m back in the Land of Enchantment and already discovering new treasure. Out hiking yesterday, I found two big chunks of very blue rock. I’m no expert, but this is turquoise country. I’ll have to send the photos to a local prospector and see what they think.

The Cerrillos Hills have been a well-known source of turquoise for thousands of years, beginning with the Aztecs and Mayans, followed by Native Americans and pioneers and into the present day. Cerrillos turquoise is distinctive for its greenish tones and stones from this area have been found as far away as Peru.

This was a great day to return to the desert; we got rain overnight (my cistern is up two hundred gallons) and today the post-rainstorm clouds were amazing!

On my hike, I also paid a visit to the coyote skull in the juniper…

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