Hark! A Vagrant, by Kate Beaton


Blogging for a Good Book

This may be my shortest post ever, because I really don’t know how to review a comic book, except to say: it’s funny, and you should check it out. If I have to explain why I burst out laughing at a strip with nothing but 2 faces and a guy shouting “Kierkegaard,” I can only conclude that humor takes place on a subconscious, maybe subatomic level, because there’s no rational reason for that to be funny.

Kate Beaton is the artist; she’s Canadian; she took her degree in history and then went into cartooning instead. As you can tell from leaping Napoleon on the cover, history is still her thing, along with 19th-century English novels, Shakespeare and–surprise!–glam rock stars, preferably all in the same panel. You can find her comics online at harkavagrant.com, they’re indexed by subject, even! but the book is handy and portable if you’d like…

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